Reverse all the losses, and fight to be respected as Correctional Officials
May 8, 2022

The South African Correctional Services Workers Union (SACOSWU) is embarking on
Socio-Economic demand: Recruit, Mobilize and Galvanize the Working Class for Socialism.
South African Correctional Services Workers Union is supporting the call by SAFTU to
embark on total shut down demand on the 24th August 2022.
The economic malaise currently being experienced places the nation at the point of return.
The levels of poverty, unemployment in particular amongst our youth and women of this
country has deteriorated and is appalling. SACOSWU has learnt of the level of corruption,
crime and nepotism. SACOSWU is advocating the prosecution of all who are implicated in
Zondo’s Commission report stating corruption and robbery of the poorest of the poor. Almost
every state-owned enterprise is facing a death spiral or financial collapse. Eskom, SAA,
Autopax, Prasa just to mention a few, are all on their knees with more worker’s jobs and
services to the poor the on line. It is as if Government officials and their families live in
Wonderland and they do not see the immense suffering of the poor and the workers in
general caused by economic hardship.
SACOSWU demands that bargaining councils must be democratized to all formation of trade
unions. We believe that thousands of workers continue to be excluded from the bargaining
arrangements in the country. The bargaining council in particular in the Public sector, which
includes Correctional Services, is allowed by the government to consistently increase the
threshold deliberately, especially for those Unions who seek membership in respective
We insist that the dept. of Correctional Services must implement the Constitutional
Judgment that was in favor of Sacoswu. Selective rules were implemented by the Dept. of
Correctional Services together with the darling Unions prior to Sacoswu a historical Concourt
judgment against Poprcu.
South African Correctional Services Workers Union demands that the Department of
Correctional Services must go back to SSSBC, instead of GPSSBC, Abolishment of NonCentre Base, DCS must come up with one shift pattern system across the Country. DCS
must address the challenge of shortage of man power in correctional centres across the
country and filling of vacant posts.
We demand a Promotional Policy. We demand safety and a conducive working environment.
Public safety is a key dimension of the purpose of the correctional system, and thus the
Department of Correctional Services (DCS) is obligated to provide secure correctional
facilities and to ensure effective monitoring of persons on parole or probation in community

End inequality policies, review of Resolution 2013 (Qualification bonus), Resolution of 2015
(housing allowance). Resolution 1 of 2006 Disciplinary Code and Procedure. Promotional
Policy and Review of allowances of SMS such as car allowance. GEPF must allow workers
to get a portion of 30% their pension once off
South African Correctional Services Workers Union witnessed brutal killing of our members
while they were on duty. The South African Correctional Services Workers Union
(SACOSWU) is shocked and deeply saddened and disturbed by the senseless cold-blooded
killing of our members. We call upon the department of Correctional Services to ensure that
the killings of our members in our correctional Centers must come to an end.
1.1 Cde Nomsa Struuman from Goedmoed Management Area was brutally killed by an
offender while she was on duty.
1.2 Cde Faku H.B and Moliki L.P from Boksburg Community Corrections at the Duduza
location. The two officials were shot and killed while they on duty busy tracing a parolee who
had absconded. We wish to send our heartfelt and deepest condolences to the families and
friends of the fallen heroes.
1.3 East London Management Area incident, where an official was shot by thieves while
on duty.
1.4 Sevontein Correctional official was stabbed by an offender while he was on duty.
1.5 Two officials in Durban management area who were recently stabbed by 4 offenders.
The South African Correctional Services Workers Union call upon members of Community,
Religious Working Class and all formations of our society to say no violence against Women
and Children. Sacoswu witnessed the killings of women such as Tshegofatso Pule, Uyinene
Mrhwetyana, Nosicelo Mtebeni, who was found in a suitcase and her body was
dismembered and many more related cases.
No sociology degree is needed to know that the terrible nightmare of women abuse, genderbased violence and the war on women’s bodies is rooted in mass unemployment and South
African economy collapse is making everything worse.
South Africa was always a very unequal country as results of colonialism, capitalism and
Apartheid. These inequalities have worsened over the past 26 years of democracy due to
neoliberal economic policies imposed against the will of the working class and the poor in
general. The Covid-19 catastrophe has only amplified these inequalities.

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